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Congrats to Ahana for now being appointed as "COMPOSER IN RESIDENCE" at Mukti Music!

Ahana is a a keen pianist and singer and has been learning piano since the age of 4. She’s currently preparing for her RCM Level 7 (Royal Conservatory of Music) exams which demands good mastery of piano skills and advanced music theory. She’s been a part of the Raga Monster family since its inception and has been learning Indian classical music from Ramya. She’s also part of the Princeton Girl choir where she gets to explore and expand her musical repertoire. Her musical interests covers a wide range of genres including Classical (Indian/Western), Jazz, Pop and Rock.

She’s also working on applying her musical knowledge towards composing new music and bringing together elements from the different musical genres.

She looks forward to continue on her musical journey and help others discover their love for music too!

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