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Mukti Music "Sings for a Cause" the past weekend at A Fundraiser for Rural Education in India

Mukti Music, led by founder and director Ramya Shankar, is a group with a remarkable commitment to using music for positive change. Recently, they showcased this commitment at a fundraiser for rural education in India, specifically for the Rise Foundation. The event featured enchanting performances that left the audience entertained and deeply moved.

Traditional Beginnings

The evening started with children singing timeless Carnatic standards, connecting the audience to India's rich cultural heritage. This tribute to tradition set a heartfelt tone for the event.

Mukti Music Choir: A Unique Raga Rendition

One of the highlights was the Mukti Music Choir's Raga version of Billie Eilish's "Lovely." This fusion of Western pop and classical Indian music was both captivating and creative, earning thunderous applause.

Mukti Music Boys Choir: Energetic Varnam

The Mukti Music Boys Choir showcased their vocal prowess with an energetic Varnam, proving that age is no barrier to musical talent.

Ramya Shankar: Leading with Passion

Ramya directed the choirs and also sang soulful tunes herself, leaving the audience craving more.

Audience Engagement: A Dedication to Mother India

Ramya Shankar led the audience in a heartwarming tune dedicated to Mother India, demonstrating the power of unity for a noble cause.


Mukti Music's commitment to "sing for a cause" shone brightly during the fundraiser for rural education in India. Their performances, from traditional Carnatic standards to innovative Raga renditions, left a lasting impression. Ramya Shankar's leadership and the collective spirit of the audience made the event a beautiful expression of solidarity and support for rural education in India. Their dedication to using music for positive change continues to inspire all fortunate enough to witness their performances.

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