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Introducing "Raga Bubbles" - a pioneering program specially curated for early music development during the critical stage when young neurons are forming. As the sole raga music program for toddlers with parent participation, "Raga Bubbles" brings together the captivating charm of Indian ragas and the delightful allure of raga rhymes.

This exceptional program offers a harmonious and interactive experience for both toddlers and their parents. Through rhythmic rhymes and melodic tunes, "Raga Bubbles" nurtures a profound musical connection, enhancing cognitive abilities and fostering a deep appreciation for music from the earliest years. Join us in this musical adventure, where toddlers and parents sing together, creating cherished memories and a lifelong love for the magical world of raga music. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this delightful journey with "Raga Bubbles" and watch your child's musical potential blossom! Click on "Ragamonsters" to apply now!

AGES 0 - 4 years



"Raga Monsters" – A one-of-a-kind program dedicated to introducing children to the enchanting world of raga music. Created with passion and expertise, "Raga Monsters" is a musical journey like no other, carefully designed to captivate young minds with the magic of Indian classical music. Through interactive and engaging sessions, children embark on a thrilling adventure, discovering the beauty of ragas, the rhythms of talas, and the art of improvisation. Led by expert musicians and educators, this exceptional program nurtures creativity, enhances cognitive skills, and instills a lifelong appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of raga music. "Raga Monsters" is where imagination meets tradition, igniting a lifelong love for music in our young maestros. Join the coolest raga club and witness the wonders of music unfold like never before! Click on the button Ragamonsters to apply now!

AGES 4 - 6 years

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