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The Mukti Music choir creates a unique and compelling soundscape by seamlessly blending the richness of Indian Classical Music with the spontaneity of Jazz and the allure of Pop standards. The Mukti Music Choir is capturing the hearts of open minded audiences across the globe. It is the world's first Indo-Jazz Children's choir.

The Mukti Music Choir is the brainchild of our founder Ramya Shankar, an artist who shares a passion for Indian Classical Music, Jazz and World Music, recognizing the potential for a mesmerizing synthesis between these genres. Driven by her desire to transcend traditional musical boundaries, and with the main goal of children building a life long live for music by being exposed to various sounds and genres, the children's choir embarks on a journey to create a musical experience that is captivating and enthralling audiences. Its signature lies in its ability to blend the intricate melodies, rhythms, and improvisations of Indian Classical Music with the harmonies and syncopations of Jazz and the soulful essence of Pop standards. Rooted in Carnatic Classical Music, the children get to learn and appreciate the depth of Indian Classical Music and at the same time make learn to make connections in world music.

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