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Arangetram -- Mukti Music

A Solo Vocal Concert of our student Natya, last week. It was the world's first Indo-Jazz-World Arangetram in our classic signature style where our students are exploring various styles of music that they connect to - yet staying close to ones roots.

"Arangetram" is the debut performance in Indian classical dance and music. In recent times, there has been a shift in perspective where the arangetram has been perceived as more of a checklist item to enhance one's college application, rather than being a genuine representation of a student's passion and commitment to the art form. This shift can be attributed to various factors, including changing societal values, "peer pressure", increased competition in college admissions, and differing motivations for pursuing artistic endeavors.

If arangetram has indeed become more of a checkbox item, it's important to address this issue and find ways to restore the genuine appreciation and passion for the art form. This is what we do at "Mukti Music" where we are reevaluating the way music education is approached, placing more emphasis on fostering a deep connection to the art rather than focusing solely on achieving milestones for the sake of college applications. Encouraging a holistic understanding of the art form, nurturing creativity, and promoting a genuine love for music can help ensure that arangetram and similar events continue to serve their original purpose of igniting and sustaining a lifelong passion for music.

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