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Ramya Shankar

Ramya Shankar, the visionary behind Mukti Music, established this transformative platform out of sheer love for connecting people through the power of music. Recognizing music's profound ability to heal and uplift the human spirit, she embarked on a mission to create a space where individuals could find connection, solace, joy, and self-discovery through musical expression. 

Through her unwavering passion and commitment to music as a healing force, Ramya Shankar's Mukti Music has blossomed into a place of profound transformation, Her legacy continues to inspire countless individuals to find their voice, embrace their inner selves, and experience the profound effect that music can bring to their lives.

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Her Story

Ramya Shankar is a dynamic and versatile Carnatic jazz vocalist, rooted in the rich traditions of Carnatic music. Born into a family of musicians, she was introduced to the enchanting world of music at a young age. Her journey began with rigorous training in Carnatic vocal music under the guidance of eminent gurus, where she honed her classical prowess and developed a deep understanding of intricate ragas and talas.

As her passion for music grew, Ramya embarked on a quest to explore diverse musical genres and embrace innovation. Fascinated by the expressive nature of jazz, she delved into the world of improvisation and harmony, blending it seamlessly with her Carnatic roots. This fusion of traditional and contemporary styles became the hallmark of her unique and soul-stirring performances.

Ramya's distinctive voice and remarkable ability to seamlessly transition between Carnatic and jazz elements have garnered her widespread acclaim and recognition. Her emotive renditions and soulful explorations have captivated audiences across the globe, leaving them mesmerized by the sheer depth and versatility of her artistry. Ramya Shankar is a member of The Recording Academy.

Beyond her captivating performances, Ramya Shankar is also a devoted music educator, passionately imparting her knowledge to aspiring musicians. Through workshops and masterclasses, she inspires the next generation to embrace the beauty of cross-genre musical exploration.

Ramya Shankar's musical journey continues to be an inspiring tale of bridging cultures, nurturing traditions, and creating harmonious musical expressions. As a Carnatic jazz vocalist, she continues to push boundaries, breaking new ground, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of music. For more information on Ramya's music, visit her website.

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