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Mukti Music is a vibrant and inclusive music organization that serves as a nurturing hub for a diverse community of music enthusiasts, firmly rooted in the rich traditions of Indian classical music. Beyond being a melting pot of cultural sounds, it fosters connections across various genres and ages, making it a captivating space for world music. Though rooted in Carnatic Classical Music, the organization's commitment to embracing diverse musical influences is what truly sets it apart. Beyond Indian classical music, Mukti Music serves as a bridge between different cultures and musical styles, creating a harmonious fusion of sounds that captivates audiences worldwide. ​In a world that can often seem disconnected, Mukti Music is a beacon of harmony and creativity, where the power of music transforms lives and brings people closer together on a journey of musical exploration and spiritual fulfillment.

Our Team.

"At Mukti Music, we're more than just musicians and teachers; we're passionate advocates for change, infusing every note with a tinge of spark that ignites hearts and minds."

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